Common Questions (with answers!)

How do I get the discount?

While the price displayed and what you see here is the regular, full price, once you add the item to your cart you will see the discounted price.

The items are sold out!

Sorry about that! Our sales are first-come, first-served while supplies last. If you'd like to know when we add items to this list, be sure to sign up for our email list below.

What about shipping?

Our site-wide standard shipping policy applies to clearance items as well. You have to meet the free shipping threshold based on the discounted prices. You are welcome to add more quantity to get to the minimum, or build your cart by trying some of our other great treats, food, or toppers.

What is 'short-dated'?

Short-dated products are products approaching their expiration dates. They could have anywhere from a few days to a few months of shelf life left (according to their printed date). Items sold as part of a short expiration promotion are excluded from returns and refunds.